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Bilateral Testicular Torsion In A Newborn – A Case Report - Abstract

Radu N. Balanescu, Laura Topor, Ruxandra Caragata, Andreea Moga, Gabriel Dragan



Bilateral perinatal testicular torsions are rarely encountered and they represent a real emergency due to the high risk of anorchism.We report the case of a 2 days old newborn who presented with tumefaction and hyperemia of the left hemiscrotum. Intraoperative findings revealed a left testis of increased proportions, which had a blackish color and was torsioned and necrotic. Left orchiectomy was performed and the decision was made to explore the right hemiscrotum. The right testicle was found to be smaller in size and hypotrophic and right orchidopexy was performed.The management of neonatal bilateral testicular torsion is controversial. Emergency surgical exploration is indicated, with some authors suggesting that orchiectomy should be performed, while others plead for preserving the affected testis. Contralateral exploration with subsequent orchidopexy should also be performed.

Key words: asynchronous torsion, perinatal, orchiectomy, orchidopexy