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Anterior Ectopic Anus: A Simplified Approach - Abstract

Ahmed H. Al-Salem


Background: Anterior ectopic anus is a common condition that is easily missed and several operative procedures are described to treat it. This report presents our experience with anterior ectopic anus pathology and describes a modified surgical technique.

Patients and Methods: The records of all children treated for anterior ectopic anus between January 2009 and December 2013 were reviewed for age at diagnosis, sex, clinical features, operative treatment and outcome. The operative technique is also described.

Results: Seventeen infants and children (16 females and 1 male) were treated for anterior ectopic anus. Their mean age at diagnosis was 6.3 months (1 month-19 months). Postoperatively, all had good functional and cosmetic results but four of them continued to have constipation which responded to laxatives. One had superficial infection and wound dehiscence. She underwent reoperation with good results.

Conclusions: Anterior ectopic anus is one of the causes of constipation in infants and children. Physicians caring for these patients should be aware of this and early diagnosis is important for surgical correction. Although, there are several surgical techniques to treat anterior ectopic anus, a modified Anal Shift operation is a simple and safe procedure with good functional and cosmetic results.

Keywords: anterior ectopic anus, constipation, anal shift operation


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