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Undescended Testis in Relation with Parental Occupations - Abstract

Zavate Andrei Calin, Ovidiu Ciobanu, Ion Georgescu, Livioara Zavate, Corneliu Sabetay




An important role in the genesis of malformations in general and of the undescended testis in particular is played by the chemical, physical or biological teratogenic factors which are present both in the professional and in the domestic environment with which both partners of the couples enter into contact during the pre-conception period or after.

Material and Methods

The authors assessed, in a retrospective study, from the patients’ files, the parental occupation in a group of 1233 patients with undescended testis admitted during a period of 20 years (between 1994 and 2013) in the Pediatric Surgery Department of the Emergency County Hospital of Craiova.


It seems that the parents with professions that imply manipulation of pesticides, fertilizers and organic solvents are in general most likely to give birth to male descendents with undescend testis.


The daily professional contacts with chemical substances with potential endocrine disruption role which interfere with the hormonal mechanisms of the testicular descend may seem one of the multiple causes of this birth defect.

Keywords: undescended testicle, chemicals, parental occupation

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