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Smartphone Technology - The Way Forward in Improving Aftercare for Cultural Circumcision - Abstract

Waseem Rawdah, Raj Lahiri, Anies Mahomed


Cultural circumcisions are a significant component of paediatric surgical practice worldwide. Varying techniques, under local or general anesthesia are employed. Post-operative follow up is critical to ensure the optimum outcome. This often involves hospital attendance by both parent and surgeon. This paper highlights the impact of smartphone technology on the post-operative management of a prospective cohort of cultural circumcisions managed over an eight year period. We demonstrate how the use of the smartphone improved healthcare delivery by reducing the number of hospital visits for suspected wound complications. Advantages for the surgeon included a reduced need for hospital assessment as well as enhanced efficiency in processing these patients with time and potential cost savings.

Keywords: cultural circumcision, plastibell technique, smartphone, circumcision complications


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