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2015 ESPU Course in Bucharest – A Perpetuated Tradition


Prof. Sebastian Ionescu

Department of Pediatric Surgery

Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children “MS Curie” Bucharest, Romania


Following the decision of the Executive Board members of the European Society for Pediatric Urology (ESPU), the annual ESPU Course was organized this year in Bucharest, May 6-8. The presence of 20 lecturers, renowned personalities in the field of Pediatric Urology, was a landmark event for many countries in this part of Europe which in the same time, confirmed the growing esteem enjoyed by the Romanian pediatric surgery in the region.

The initiative to bring the ESPU Course in Romania belongs to the Department of Pediatric Surgery at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest, expressing in this way the constant interest of its members to endorse the most current therapeutic principles and recommendations in the field.

Given the complex pathology of the renal system encountered by family physicians, perinatologists, neonatologists, nephrologists, urologists and pediatric surgeons, but also psychologists, pediatricians or neurologists, with a common desire to provide optimal treatment for these patients, this course was an excellent opportunity to promote the current European guidelines and discuss treatment options available today.

Pediatric urology is a subspecialty already developed in countries of the European Union and USA for over 25 years with experienced groups of physicians focused on multidisciplinary treatment of these conditions. This collaboration materialized into the development of guidelines and recommendations of treatment discussed at this meeting.

Treatment of congenital malformations of the kidney is a challenge not only for pediatric urologists, but also for adult urologists and nephrologists, because a treatment started in a child should have good results which last for life but sometimes requiring further management and longterm follow-up. The appropriate treatment, instituted at the right time creates prerequisites for a harmonious development of a future adult without disabilities.

The ESPU course is a continuation of a Romanian tradition initiated in Bucharest since 1968 and resumed in 1996 at the Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children “MS Curie”. Over time, a series of scientific meetings and live-surgery demonstrations were organized here and attended by international specialists dedicated to pediatric urology such as Philip Ransley, Jorgen Thorup, Sava Perovic Munther Haddad, Mircia Ardelean, Alessandrini Pierre Hubert Dodat, Andrew Pinter, Francois Xavier Wess.

This year ESPU course organized six sessions of live-surgery demonstrations broadcasted live with the purpose to familiarize participants with gestures specific to each procedure. The scientific program addressed both congenital malformations and acquired pathology each presentation followed by discussions on specific cases. The course was attended by participants from 18 European countries and the UAE. The lecturers were surgeons with broad practical experience, who responded enthusiastically to the invitation of the organizers.

We are confident that the course has been a great platform for dialogue between specialists with the final conclusions beneficial especially for patients. On behalf of the participants, we are addressing our gratitude to all lecturers, especially professors: Gianantonio Manzoni - Milan, Serdar Tekgul - Ankara, PVM Tom de Jong - Utrecht, Leclaire Marc-David - Nantes, Mr. Ramnath Subramaniam - Leeds, E. Van Laecke - Gent. We recommend that, in future, these courses address specific topics and discuss the current guidelines and recommendations for multimodal treatment.

The Journal of Pediatric Surgical Specialties (JPSS) editorial committee expresses its readiness to publish papers presented at this course ensuring wide online open access. We must emphasize the special role ESPU played internationally through its constant work, over time, through the organized meetings, proving that it is the most effective professional group bringing together all adjacent specialties and supporting doctors and children bearers of urological disorders.

For the reasons stated above, the organizers chose to quote Marie Skłodowska-Curie: “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less”.

We are grateful to all our partners, especially Karl-Storz Endoskope, ComputerLand Romania Group, Radcom, Urotech, who constantly support pediatric surgeons, and without whom, this scientific event could not take place.

Many thanks to the ESPU Administrative Coordinator, Veronique Michiels!