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Valentino’s Syndrome In An Adolescent Boy With Peptic Ulcer Perforation Simulating Acute Appendicitis - Abstract

Sarah Blundell, Alison Campbell, Ramnik Patel, Sanja Besarovic



We wish to report a 14-year-old male adolescent who presented with sudden onset epigastric followed by right sided abdominal pain, vomiting and fever. He has right sided abdominal guarding, rigidity and tenderness simulating appendicitis initially. He had strong family history of peptic ulcer perforations. The abdominal radiograph showed football sign and upright chest radiograph confirmed pneumoperitoneum. At laparoscopy duodenal ulcer perforation was diagnosed. Patient underwent primary repair of duodenal perforation with omental patch and peritoneal toilet uneventfully. The presentation, treatment, and outcome of this case requiring surgery for complication of pediatric peptic ulcer disease (PPUD) in the post-histamine 2 -blocker and proton pump inhibitor era has been highlighted.

Keywords: duodenal ulcer, acid peptic disease, peptic perforation, adolescent, appendicitis, peritonitis, Valentino’s syndrome.


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