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Paediatric Gastro-Duodenal Fabric Bezoar - Abstract

Ramnik Patel, Shiva Jayakumar, Manasvi Upadhyaya, David Drake



An unusual case of paediatric fabric bezoar in a 5-year-old girl who presented with a history of pica and nonspecific symptoms of ill health of 4 weeks duration associated with pallor and failure to thrive is presented. Initial radiological investigations revealed a gastro-duodenal bezoar and an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy showed a bezoar made of multiple layers of interwoven fabric from ingestion of cloth threads. Exploratory laparotomy, gastrotomy and removal of the large gastro-duodenal fabric bezoar followed uneventful recovery. Prolonged ill health with history of pica should alert the possibility of a bezoar. Fabric bezoar is rare. It is an interwoven large mass made of fabric threads. Conservative measures including carbonated beverages administration and endoscopic removal is not feasible. Laparoscopic removal of gastro-duodenal bezoars is difficult in comparison to intestinal bezoars as they are very large in volume and that the stomach and duodenum are relatively fixed organs.

Keywords: gastric, duodenal, bezoar, children, fabric, gastrotomy, foreign body


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